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9 Types of Infrastructure Construction Projects

In this sense, “infrastructure” refers to the physical systems that a company, region, or country needs to run and here we’ll discuss different types of infrastructure construction projects. Most of the time, these systems involve making public goods and setting up industrial operations. Infrastructure includes networks for transportation, communication, waste management, water supply, education, and other things.

Infrastructure is important for making things, farming, and trading with people in other countries and people in the same country. For a business to work well, it needs both a physical structure and a structure for how it is run. If a group or country wants to work, its members need to be able to talk to each other and move around. It also needs a working sewer system, water supply, health care system, education system, and money system.

What is an Infrastructure Project?

Infrastructure work is mostly about services, buildings, and systems. Any mix of public and private money could be used to do this (a collaboration of government entities and private sector companies). Private investments can help a region or even a whole country keep an eye on how its economy is growing.

Infrastructures are the networks of physical and institutional institutions that keep societies together. The word “infrastructure” comes from the Latin word “infra,” which means “below.” Without these basic systems, we wouldn’t have the comforts we take for granted in our highly industrialized world. Please find out more about the different infrastructures and how they make life run smoothly. Here we’ll discuss more about the Types of Infrastructure Construction.

Understanding Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure comes from the French words for “below” (infra) and “building” (structure). It was first used in the late 1880s. Infrastructure can also refer to the system that keeps a country’s economy going.

Infrastructure comprises many systems and buildings, such as the electric grid that runs through a city, state, or country. Bridges and roads are important to all economies. Still, infrastructure also includes the buildings, equipment, and other physical assets that give people food and water and let them participate in their communities economic and social life.

Types of Infrastructure Construction Projects

You can’t compare how infrastructure was built when your grandfather was alive to how it is now. Technology and other types of innovation are being used in building projects more and more to help social and economic growth. Every day, we use things and services that are part of the infrastructure on our way to and from work, on aeroplanes, in public bathrooms, and at medical facilities. Here are nine types of infrastructure development and some of the most well-known projects going on right now to help you understand how they affect our daily lives.

1. Aviation Infrastructure

Types of Infrastructure Construction start with the aviation infrastructure. Planes and airfields both benefit from projects that help build and keep up aviation infrastructure. This kind of building is very important to the American transportation system.

The FAA gave 381 airports across the country $840 million to improve their infrastructure. Building airport infrastructure will be harder than ever with the NextGen project. The plan’s main goal is to fix up old airfields and replace runways that are getting worse.

2. Bridge Infrastructure

Bridge infrastructure construction pays for building and maintaining bridges all over the country. This group includes highway bridges that get a lot of traffic.

An American Road & Transmission Builders Association report says that 54,239 bridges are in bad shape in the United States. Based on the study, fixing everything would take more than 80 years.

3. The Communication Infrastructure

In the communications infrastructure market which is one of the Types of Infrastructure Construction, wired and wireless networks, as well as cable and satellite networks, are used to connect the government, businesses, and the whole country. Businesses and the government need to work together to fix network problems and ensure that wireless networks are always running well with regular updates.

There are many different ideas about how the U.S. will use 5G. This high-speed and fifth-generation wireless technology will be easier to connect to mobile data networks. Big telecom companies in the U.S. are updating their networks in preparation for a big change in the industry. Accenture Strategy says that 5G will create 3 million new jobs.

4. Power and Energy Infrastructure

The electrical infrastructure comprises wiring, grids, and new ways to get energy. The United States has one of the biggest power grids in the world. About 160 000 km of power lines bring electricity to 145 million people.

The Milligan 1 Wind Farm from Infrastructure Energy Alternatives (IEA) will make Nebraska more reliant on wind energy. When the projects costing $98 million are done in November 2020, 99 turbines will send electricity to homes in Nebraska.

5. Railway Line Infrastructure

In the U.S., the railroad industry knows how the transportation system is doing. This company ensures that trains, subways, and light rail are safe and up-to-date. Steel was used to build bridges, tunnels, and the rail system, among other things.

The California High-speed Rail Authority is building a high-speed light-rail line running through the Central Valley from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This is one of the state’s most important railroad-building projects.

6. Road Infrastructure

Road infrastructure is one of the most important types of Infrastructure Construction. To build roads and highways, you have to make new ones and keep the ones that are already there in good shape. It also keeps an eye on plans and construction projects that make it easier for more people to use different transportation.

Along a 21-mile stretch of I-4 in Florida, the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project will widen the lanes, add more express booths, replace bridges, and build new sidewalks. The I-4 project should help the economy grow and give the state 2,000 more jobs.

Types of Infrastructure Construction - Infrastructure of road

7. Water Infrastructure

The water infrastructure aims to ensure people can drink clean, safe water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works with other groups that deal with water to help more people save water all over the country.

8. Waste Management

To get rid of construction waste, you must put things away, clean them up, and then throw them away. Green building techniques make wastewater safe to drink, improve people’s health, and get responsibly rid of trash.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will give $40 million to the Toho Water Authority in Kissimmee, Florida, for a project to study and fix sewers. The Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) project will cost $81.9 million, create 198 jobs, and be done by August 2020.

9. Dangerous Waste Management

Dangerous waste management services help construction companies find and get rid of materials that could be dangerous. Sewage sludge and other dangerous industrial waste end up in landfills and other places that deal with dangerous waste. Tanks, drip pads, and incinerators are used to treat trash, recycle it, and get rid of it.

Here we have discussed 9 Types of Infrastructure Construction projects and we’ll see some more points.

Private vs. Public Construction

An important part of the infrastructure is the building done by both the government and the private sector. Public and private organizations work together and on their own to improve people’s daily lives by building infrastructure and providing important services.

Private development projects are paid for by businesses and non-government groups (NGOs). Residential construction is the process of making homes for people to live in. Commercial construction includes building schools, hospitals, and factories, among other things (industrial construction).

“Public construction” or “public works” refers to building and infrastructure projects paid for by any government. All government and public buildings are in this group.

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