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Trend Watch: Double Master Suites

Trend Watch: Double Master Suites: Recent additions to our collection of home plans indicate an increase in the number of layouts having two master suites. These rooms have private bathrooms and walk-in closets. Because it may be utilised for so many varied purposes, a second master suite is ideal for visitors, in-laws, or a live-in caretaker. The idea is to provide it adequate room, situate it in a convenient location, and give it some privacy.

Trend Watch: Double Master Suites

Above and below are images of Plan 892-1, a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom Craftsman. Both apartments share the hallway to the left of the door, but each has its own private entrance: one goes out to the terrace in the rear, while the other leads out to the courtyard in front. The master bedroom features two vanities, whilst the other bedrooms have just one. The last two bedrooms are located on the second story.

Plan 461-45 features a first-floor master suite off the kitchen porch and at the rear of the home, as seen above.

above, on the same level The den on the second story is close to the master bedroom, which is handy.

This proposal for a steep piece of property is more daring than most: The house includes four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms in a contemporary Craftsman design.

The master bedroom is located on the main level, to the right of the front entrance, in Sarah Susanka and Tina Govan’s 454-14 floor plan.

The guest apartment is located in the basement, which has natural light. These four distinct lodging options are all independent from one another, yet they all offer access to the outdoors.

Trend Watch: Double Master Suites

as well as a place to relax, such as this window seat

A well-planned arrangement for a double master bedroom may make weekend co-ownership more manageable.

Return home for a rest. Because it contains two master bedrooms on opposite sides of the home. And a common space and kitchen in the centre. Plan 451-10 is ideal for fractional ownership. In this configuration, each residence must have secure access to its own storage facility.

For further privacy and luxury, you may create a master apartment on top of the garage.

According to Plan 928-11, this kind of dwelling might eventually become an Airbnb unit. The guest room is situated near to the living room and bathroom. Because it has its own entrance, the apartment is distinct from the rest of the home.

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