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The Flush Baseboard Detail

The Flush Baseboard Detail: Who doesn’t appreciate a well-kept secret? We knew what we were doing, so when Jeff Sherman of Delson or Sherman Architects told us how to construct absolutely flat, recessed baseboards, we listened.

The Flush Baseboard Detail

“What exactly is a flush recessed baseboard detail?” you may wonder. Why would we want them to begin with? Sherman said that flush-recessed baseboards are attractive and functional since they do not have a visible surface. “The difficult element is ensuring that the wood and drywall are exactly aligned.” For anything that little, the usual method of constructing stud walls would give much too much opportunity for mistake.” Please see the graphic below for an example of how architects express this.

Delson or Sherman Architects’ detail design above demonstrates how a single piece of plywood backer is fastened to both the baseboard and the drywall. “That’s the greatest technique we’ve discovered to ensure proper alignment,” Sherman explains. “The backer is kept in place by constructing a box beam, which provides a stable foundation for the stud wall that sits on it.” To complete, the baseboard must be scribed to the floor. Which involves cutting the bottom of the baseboard to suit the irregularities in the floor.

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