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Summer Camp at Home

Summer Camp at Home: Vacations, both real and imagined, peak around August, just before the start of the school or work year, which appears to start earlier and earlier each year. This set of blueprints was inspired by a vacation to summer camp, as seen by the camp stove pictured above. Plan 901-14 is for an outdoor kitchen, Plan 935-6 is for a lanai, and Plan 496-14 is for a grilling porch.

Summer Camp at Home

Since the 1800s, American households have appreciated having access to natural light and fresh air. Camps arose from a desire to reconnect with nature in the 1880s, when the summer or holiday house and the concept of open-air beds in year-round dwellings became popular. Exceptionally intriguing new

In Napa Valley, an architect called Howard Backen designed a master bedroom with sliding windows that, when draped, create a spacious sleeping porch. Fernau + Hartman architects in Berkeley often make it difficult to discern what is inside and what is outside. These homes are built in such a manner that visitors may sleep outdoors.

This image depicts a residence in the state of Colorado. When it’s time to sleep, just roll the bed out into the covered porch and fall asleep (photos by Fernau + Hartman). If a train track is too much for you, consider well-sized, adjustable window walls, wheels (with brakes! ), and a neighbouring porch or deck.

The main bedroom in the Gulf Coast Cottage Plan 443-18 has two doors that go out to the sleeping porch. Examine the elevation below to see how the porch on the second story appears.

The second story of Plan 888-10 may be utilised as a sleeping porch. It can accommodate two beds.

floor. It’s located at the rear of the home, near to the office, and is ideal for brief naps after lunch.


Your concentration has begun to deteriorate.

Outdoor showers were always considered a luxury of summer camps, but they are now something that people desire all year. Pinterest is full with ideas for outdoor showers. Designer Erin Martin is a good illustration of this idea. You won’t need a hot water pipe if you reside in a warm climate.

A direct descendent of the campfire, an outdoor fireplace is particularly appealing in the summer.

a commemorative component This fireplace is ideal for a modest patio, such as the one shown above in Cabin Plan 479-12, or as the focal point of a larger living porch, such as the one shown above in Cabin Plan 479-13.

Plan 924-1 is above, while Plan 132-221’s great room’s lanai and grilling porch are below.

When the weather is favourable, practically any major room may be moved outdoors. If bugs are an issue, you should invest in some screening.

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