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Storage Idea: Egg Crate Bookshelves

Storage Idea: Egg Crate Bookshelves, Hugh Newell Jacobsen, a well-known architect from Washington, D.C., has teamed up with his son Simon to discover a solution to the problem of clutter. Archermodern is the first company to offer his unique egg crate bookcases, which can be seen in his own house here (photo courtesy Washingtonian).

Storage Idea: Egg Crate Bookshelves

Jacobsen and his wife Robin have around 4,000 volumes, which look great on these bookcases. Shelving in another Jacobsen-designed house demonstrates how the shape of the case makes the books seem to float above the shelf, while the white backdrop of the case allows the vibrant cover art of the volumes to stand out attractively (photo courtesy Jacobsen Architecture).

The way the square bits of old eggs fit together inspired me to create this (photo courtesy Worthpoint). Gretchen Cook of Washingtonian quotes Jacobsen as stating, “You keep removing books off the shelf, and the others all tumble down.” This section explains why the segmented technique is beneficial. Because of the way the gadget is construct, you could remove a whole foot and no one would know. Some of the locations may even be utilise to stage performances. San Francisco architect Malcolm Davis took a more natural approach to the slotted crate with this lovely two-story wall constructed of natural wood (photo courtesy Malcolm Davis Architecture).

By exposing the studs, some older houses created a temporary shelf system. This was do prior to or in violation of construction regulations. Many contemporary storage containers, such as The Container Store’s “wing-lid” ornament bin, are inspire in some manner by crates.

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