House- 40’x64′- (North Facing) N4


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Drawing offered at this Price – Working drawing (Architecture, Electrical & Plumbing), Structure drawing (as per site condition) & 3-D view.

  • Plot size 40’x64′
  • Configuration – 3BHK (2nos)
  • Construction Area – 5,170 sq ft
  • Number of floors – 2
  • Orientation – North facing

House- 40’x64′- (North Facing) N4

Welcome to House – 40’x64′ (North Facing) – N4, a magnificent residence designed to provide you with a luxurious and grand living experience. With its spacious layout and elegant design, this house exudes sophistication and offers ample room for your family’s needs.

Situated on a generous plot size of 40’x64′, this house showcases a thoughtful configuration that includes two spacious 3BHK units. This unique layout offers the flexibility to accommodate extended family or can be utilized as a rental unit, providing potential income opportunities. Experience the joy of having ample space for each member of your family, ensuring privacy and comfort.

With this package, you will receive a comprehensive set of working drawings for architecture, electrical, and plumbing. These detailed drawings have been meticulously crafted to guide you through the construction process seamlessly. Every aspect of the house, from the floor plan to the placement of electrical fixtures and plumbing connections, has been carefully planned to ensure flawless execution.

The structure drawing, customized to suit your site’s specific conditions, guarantees the stability and durability of your new residence. This drawing takes into account the unique aspects of your plot and provides detailed instructions for the construction team to follow, ensuring a solid and reliable structure.

Immerse yourself in the captivating 3-D view that showcases the architectural brilliance and exquisite design elements of House – 40’x64′ (North Facing) – N4. The realistic 3-D rendering allows you to visualize the grandeur of the exteriors, the spaciousness of the interiors, and the intricate details that make this house truly remarkable. Let your imagination roam as you explore the luxurious living areas, envision the gourmet kitchen, and picture yourself unwinding in the serene bedrooms.

The North-facing orientation of the house ensures a harmonious blend of natural light and optimal energy efficiency. The strategic placement of windows and openings allows for the entry of abundant sunlight, brightening up the living spaces and creating a welcoming ambiance. Enjoy the warmth of the sun during the colder months and bask in the pleasant natural light throughout the day.

Spanning an expansive construction area of 5,170 sq ft, House – 40’x64′ (North Facing) – N4 offers a truly grand living space. The open and flowing layout allows for seamless movement between rooms, creating a sense of openness and grandeur. The bedrooms are designed as private retreats, offering tranquility and relaxation, while the living areas provide a perfect space for entertaining and gathering with loved ones.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own House – 40’x64′ (North Facing) – N4 and indulge in a lifestyle of luxury, comfort, and opulence. This majestic residence is a testament to impeccable design, meticulous planning, and exquisite craftsmanship. Make this house your home and experience the splendor and prestige of living in a space that reflects your aspirations and exceeds your expectations.

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