House 35’x30′ (South Facing) S5


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Drawing offered at this Price – Working drawing (Architecture, Electrical & Plumbing), Structure drawing (as per site condition) & 3-D view.

  • Plot size 35′-0″x30′-0″
  • Configuration – 2BHK 
  • Number of floors – 1
  • Construction Area 1,000 sq ft 
  • Orientation – South Facing 

House 35’x30′ (South Facing) S5

Introducing House 35’x30′ (South Facing) – S5: A Cozy and Stylish Abode

Welcome to House 35’x30′ (South Facing) – S5, a charming and stylish residence designed to provide comfort and functionality. With its thoughtfully crafted layout and attention to detail, this home offers a delightful living experience.

The plot size of 35’x30′ provides ample space for you to create your dream dwelling. The cozy yet well-designed 2BHK configuration ensures that every square foot of this house is optimized for your comfort and convenience.

Included in this package are the working drawings for architecture, electrical, and plumbing. These detailed plans serve as a guide for the construction process, ensuring that every aspect of your dream home is executed with precision and efficiency. Additionally, the structure drawing takes into account the specific site conditions, ensuring a solid and reliable foundation.

Immerse yourself in the virtual world with the included 3-D view, which showcases the exterior and interior of House 35’x30′ (South Facing) – S5. Experience the beauty of the architectural design and envision how your own personal touches can bring this house to life.

The South-facing orientation of House 35’x30′ (South Facing) – S5 allows for an abundance of natural light to fill the living spaces throughout the day. This creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, promoting a sense of peace and serenity within your home.

With a construction area of 1,000 sq ft, this single-floor residence maximizes space efficiency without compromising on style. Every room is meticulously planned to ensure optimal functionality and comfort, providing you with a cozy and inviting living environment.

Invest in House 35’x30′ (South Facing) – S5 and embrace the joy of owning a beautifully designed and well-constructed home. This charming abode is an ideal choice for individuals or small families seeking a cozy and stylish living space.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make House 35’x30′ (South Facing) – S5 your own. Experience the joy of living in a home that perfectly blends comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Create lasting memories in a residence that reflects your unique style and taste.

This plan can be customized!

you can easily customize this design tell us about your desired changes so we can prepare an estimate for the design service. Click on the given number to submit your request. +91-8234030892.


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