West Facing House Plan

West-facing plots are the third choice of people in India after North and east-facing plots. Most people considered west-facing house plan inauspicious because the sun sets in the west direction.

However, a west-facing house can be equally auspicious and bring abundance and prosperity if certain Vastu Shastra principle is applied while planning. There are some benefits of living in West facing house such as occupants are more social and extroverted resulting in business and financial gains. West is the direction of Lord Varun, the controller of the universe, which makes west facing house extremely auspicious for gaining wealth and prosperity.

There is a disadvantage of west facing house such as House situated in the hot climate region gets the maximum amount of heat afternoon because of the suns path from South to west. But changing the main door direction and providing fewer windows in this direction solves the problem.

Not only Vastu, but the fulfillment of requirements are also necessary for mind satisfaction. Every inch of space is important in the house, wasting space due to lack of proper design, cost money. The construction cost and land cost are very expensive nowadays, proper planning can utilize the space. The fulfilling requirement in less space has economic benefits during construction and maintenance as well. Optimize energy efficient and properly planed house requires less energy to operate. Due to zero wastage of space in the well-planned house, maintenance cost such as painting reduces.

Our expert suggestion

RS Design and construction is an expert in planning of optimized North Facing house, incorporating Vastu. We have a wide range of West facing plans available for sale on this website, just select the right house plan as per your requirement and buy its working drawings & 3d view for construction. We can also customize the plan according to your requirement and plot size. After receiving payment in advance and we will deliver the product by Email within a week. If you have any query related to plan and our service just write us, we will respond soon.

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