4BHK House Plan

House which consists of 4 bedrooms, 1 hall & 1 kitchen is known as 4BHK house plan. This type of house is the best choice for a family who wants to live comfortably with privacy. 4BHK house is choice of people who wants separate space for individual activity. This is the optimum configuration required by a modern family to live comfortably.

4BHK House Design

Most of the 4BHK houses are duplex and are built on a plot area of 2400 sqft, however, the minimum plot area required for a 4 BHK house plan is only 1500 sqft. More plot area gives opportunity to plan large size room and extra spaces such as Drawing room, dining room, Tv room, Pantry on the first floor, Gym, storeroom, parking, garden, swimming pool & pooja space. The kitchen is a very important part of the house, properly plan and sufficient size kitchen is always required by the users.

The open kitchen is the best option for the modern house; it saves space and gives an aesthetic appearance if the modular system is used. The bedroom should also have optimum space. After placing bed and furniture in the room, standard size of the bedroom is 12’x14’ without wardrobe in a 4BHK house. Hall or Drawing room is the first impression of houses, size and furniture placement are important for efficient planning and aesthetic appearance. The standard size of the hall is 12’x18’ without dining & 12’x25’ with a dining table in a 4BHK house.

Advantage of 4BHK House

Two couples with their children & parent can comfortably live in this house. This house provides more space such as garden, pool, TV room, Gym, Large balcony, etc. This configuration fulfills the luxury requirement of a family.

RS Design and Construction Service

We offer the best house design in the industry which is space-efficient, User-friendly, Eco friendly, comfortable & aesthetic appealing. We have various house plans available on our website, select the right house plan as per your requirement and purchase its working drawing & 3D view. These plans can be customized as per your requirement or a new plan can be provided. We offer online service during planning and construction if needed over email and telephone. If you have any query related to plan and our service just write us, we will respond soon.

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