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Master Bathroom Prison Toilets

Master Bathroom Prison Toilets: Hi. My name is Bob, and I speak a lot about plumbing on Life of an Architect. Not because I dislike restrooms (though they may be amusing), but because many of them bother me. When it comes to bathroom layouts, I am not like the guy in the next cubicle since I am an architect who specialises in house design.

Here’s an example of a design I came up when Googling “master bathroom layout ideas” [ugh, my eyes].

Master Bathroom Prison Toilets

Above you may see one of the winning photographs that Google provided me… I didn’t give credit to the original designer since I don’t believe they would have approved of it being used in this manner. A simple calculation reveals that this is not a tiny bathroom, about 10 feet by 10 feet. I’ve seen worse designs, but this one doesn’t appeal to me. One of the reasons I dislike it is because it has a prison toilet.


Did he just say “jailhouse bathroom”?

Yes, you read it accurately. I suppose a toilet in the centre of the Master Bathroom floor is exactly like a toilet in prison. resembles a prison cell in many respects. At this point, the only thing that’s lacking is the jail wine.

Don’t get me wrong, not every bathroom requires a separate room solely for the toilet, but if you want to construct a master suite, that’s precisely what you’ll need to do. Still, I want to behave in precisely that manner. Here it is for the record:

  1. Sometimes the restroom has a scent that has to be covered up.
  2. The exhaust fan in the bathroom works better (smaller area) (smaller area). No one outside the room needs to know what you’re doing, as you’re probably simply reading your phone’s email.
  3. Things in the bathroom other than the toilet may be utilised at the same time

Even if you disagree with the first three statements, you have to agree that the fourth is vital. My wife and I are frequently in the same room at the same time since we both have day jobs that need us to get up, get dressed, use the restroom, etc. I’ve been happily married for more than 20 years, and I assume that at least part of it is because our restroom doors are always shut.


Plan for a high-end bath for one

Instead of attempting to support my argument by presenting several master bathrooms that don’t have toilets that appear like jail cells, I’ll show you the layout of one of my current projects. A few months ago, I shared the existing layout of the master bathroom in the home above as an illustration of the schematic design process (Sketching During Schematic Design) (Sketching During Schematic Design).

You can see that a lot of adjustments were made to the master bathroom after the owners spoke about how they wish to utilise the space (original post) (original post). One notable difference was the necessity for separate storage rooms (a trait that they thought helped made their marriage a pleasant one throughout the years) (a feature that they felt had keep their marriage a happy one over the years). We also spoke about how the wife would prefer have a smaller tub since she is shorter and finds it hard to grip onto the tub’s edges while she is bathing. They also considered that a shower greater than 5′ x 5′ would be too enormous. I agree (I’d like a McShower, please… and make it SuperSize!).

Even a modest master bathroom requires a few essential items. These things:

  • Separate stall so you may be alone
  • Only for bathing
  • Shower like no other
  • In this bathroom, there are two sinks.
  • A location where all of these items may be maintained in order

Does it really require that much work? I’ll let you off the hook if you don’t want a separate shower and bathtub, but a prison bathroom is not acceptable.

Master Bathroom Prison Toilets

Put it in the guest bathroom.

Since I do appear to have some things to say about bathrooms. I’ve placed most of them here for those who haven’t gotten the opportunity to read them yet.

The bad news is that having bathrooms near prominent doors is becoming increasingly frequent again. This is awful architecture, therefore I’ve provided you some models and suggestions for making the restrooms better.

It’s not rare for me to lose my mind in the ladies’ room. I fear coming to someone’s new house or visiting someone’s old home. Because the cupboards appear like they came from a catalogue.

I don’t understand why urinals are constructed the way they are. Urinals have a clear function, and I’m ready to bet that the first one was constructed. When an opportunity came along and an urgent need was satisfied.

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