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House 20×60 South Facing

House 20x60 – South Facing House

  • Location: Jamul Bhilai, India
  • Year: 2021
  • Client: Mr. Ankit Dongre
  • Type: Residential Bungalow
  • Plot Area: 1000 Sqft
  • Constructed area: 2000 Sqft
House 20x60 – South Facing House

We all have one question in our mind, how can we make a small house attractive, answer is simply to leave it to us. RS Design & construction are experts in small house design. This project is an example of our work in Bhilai. The project Involve the construction of 2,000 sqft of two-story residence bungalow based on the modern concept.
South facing, Residence is located on the developing colony of Bhilai at Jamul. House has been designing to accommodate 6 people in 3 bedrooms with ambient space for 1 small car parking. The floor plan of the house is very attractive & every inch of space has been utilized effectively. The ground floor has one big hall, dining space, open Kitchen, store, parking, garden, 1 guest bedroom with attached toilet, and common toilet. The first floor comprises of Family lounge, two bedrooms with an attached toilet, a covered large balcony.
An underground tank has been planned to store water from the Municipal supply and then pump it to the overhead tank.
The total estimated project cost is approx. 24 Lakh.

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