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Downsizing Home Plans

The floor layouts for the following chapters

Downsizing Home Plans: The Baby Boomers are retiring. When the Baby Boom generation, which numbers more than 80 million people, retires, they will be seeking for a new kind of house to live in. Most likely, these houses will be in warmer temperatures, with less room, and in neighbourhoods planned for individuals who do not have children or who are retired. So, how will these houses look?

To begin with, the home will get smaller. As the Boomers downsize, giving up part of their furniture and other possessions, they will discover that a smaller house serves their requirements well. And, since these houses will most likely be in warmer areas, they will need plenty of outdoor living space.

Downsizing Home Plans

Plan 890-1, seen above and in the main image, is an example of a tiny, low-maintenance dwelling. The porches make it seem considerably larger than its 800 square feet.

More classic Florida Split Plans, such as Plan 481-5, will also be seen.

Boomers may entertain their children and grandchildren for as long as they wish with a huge gathering area between the owner’s bedroom and the guest bedrooms. One advantage of this design is that the guest bedrooms may be separated from the rest of the home. All it takes is a pocket door in the correct spot to provide everyone their own space, both the owner and the visitors.

While we’re about it, let’s make the hallways and entrances extra-large. The work done to make the home easy to move around in. And use would be appreciate by retiring baby boomers. So make sure there are no-step showers, secure grab bars in the right places, and easy-access storage.

Plan 481-7, which you can see above, has these features. Such as living on one level, large doors leading to large outdoor areas. And a split bedroom floor plan, making it ideal for a retired Boomer.

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