Construction Management

Construction Management

We let the professional supervise,
manage and the design talk about themselves.

Construction Management Consultancy

RS Design and Construction (RSDC) provide qualified Construction management and consultancy to clients. Particularly those who do not have a qualified team or time to involve in work. In the role of project manager, we act on behalf of the client to design, gradually take an approval from relevant authorities, and hire contractors. RSDC manages the project about quality, time, and financial goals. As construction managers, also we can learn the entire construction work including all coordination and logistics. Also the quality, regulation, and communication to inspection and hand-over.

Types of project: -

We provide construction management consultancy to the following types of projects:-

  • Residential Buildings/House
  • Commercial building
  • Shops, Office, Banks
  • Industrial Buildings

Construction Project Management & Scope Of Work:

The following works include in the scope.

  • Floor planElectrical & plumbing Drawings, False ceiling drawing, 3-D view & drawings which are required to execute the work.
  • Building permission from Municipal Corporation. RSDC will only prepare & submit drawings to the relevant office and coordinate with authorities for approval. All expenses during approval to be borne by the owner
  • Labour Management:

    • Arrange Contractors.
    • Supervise & guide contractors regularly.
    • Review their work.
    • Regular site visits & resolve problems related to work.
  • Material Management:

    • Suggest good materials to the Owner.
    • Purchase/ Arrange material at the site before the start of work.
    • Check the quality of material before and after purchase.
    • Make space at the site to dump material.
  • Payment for material & Labour:

    • RSDC will inform and ask the owner for payment required for the Material supplier and Contractor/ Labour. Moreover, the owner shall pay directly or through RSDC to the Contractor, also the material supplier & others. Whenever requested by RSDC to complete work
    • Expense records shall be maintained by RSDC, which will be shared with the owner on weekly basis or whenever required by the owner.

The following occur not include in the scope.

  • Water Supply (Borewell, Supply from Nagar Nigam)
  • Electrical supply.

Construction Project Management & Payment Schedule

RSDC fees for construction management consultancy are 7% of the actual project cost.