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Architecture Designer

RS Design and Construction (RSDC) Offers Architectural service to clients at an affordable rate. We have a wide range of completed and ongoing projects related to Residential, Commercial, and Hospital. Our office is located in Bhilai Chattishgarh, apart from local clients, we office our design service to all across the world.

Architecture Designer In Raipur Chhattisgarh

Our service

RSDC offers complete or partial design service to clients according to his requirement, our final product including the following components

  • Floor plan– It is a basic architectural design house plan showing a view from above, however the relationship between spaces, plots, also rooms, patterns, windows, doors, furniture, and other physical features at one level of a structure. Dimension of the room is usually mentions to specific room sizes.
  • 3D view – It’s a graphical projection used to display building/ structures design at the initial stage. Its shows the form of colonial house plans, color combination, materials concerning the surrounding area.
  • Working Drawing – These drawings are required during the construction stage, working drawings are detailed plans showing dimensions, gradually the sizes of door/ window totally required by the contractor. Its includes Section, Elevation, Furniture plan, False ceiling layout, UGT & Septic tank detail, Plumbing drawing & Electrical drawing.
  • Structure Drawing – Structure drawings show the reinforcement detail of structural components including footing, column, beam, slab, staircase, and also other miscellaneous items.

Other Service

Architecture Designer In Raipur Chhattisgarh provides all the above drawings particularly to all locations through Email. Apart from the above, and also the following additional service does offer in Bhilai, Durg & Raipur

  • Building permission – We prepare and submit Building approval drawings/ documents to the relevant government department for building permission.
  • Supervision – During Construction, we provide paid site visits to supervise the contractor work.
  • As-Built Drawing – We prepare as-built drawings after completion of construction required for the competition certificate.

Architecture Designer deal in the following types of projects.

  1. Residential/ House architecture.
  2. Commercial, Shops, Offices, etc.
  3. Shopping complex.
  4. Hospital.
  5. Hotels.
  6. Industrial buildings.


We make bold design statements using unusual illustrations and ideas along with genius material combinations to make your building instantly attractive..

Architecture Designer

2bhk house

House 20x60 – South Facing

Architecture Designer

Architecture Designer

House 39x56

modern house designs

duplex house plans


Design Fees:-

Floor plan – ₹1/sqft (Architectural plan only)

3d view – ₹2/sqft (External view of the building)

Working drawings – ₹5/sqft (Architectural drawings: Dimensions plans, door/window detail, elevation, UGT, septic tank detail, furniture plan, false ceiling plan, Plumbing drawings & Electrical drawing)

Structural drawing – ₹4/sqft (Excavation plan, footing detail, column layout, plinth beam detail, slab and beam detail, staircase detail, miscellaneous structure details)

Total for all above drawings  ₹12/sqft excluding site visit


Site Visit

In Bhilai/Durg – ₹700/ Visit

In Raipur – ₹1000/ Visit