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Architects and Fashion: The Top 6 Styles

Architects and Fashion: Let’s take a minute to discuss the typical attire of architects. The attire (or lack thereof) that many of my fellow architects wear never cease to amaze, amuse, and sometimes turn me green with jealousy. For me, witnessing a bunch of architects gather together is like watching a fashion show. I believe that a person selling eyeglasses and a few others selling shoes would perform well at any architect conference. Despite the fact that some of the outcomes are incorrect, I still like watching the programme.

I don’t believe their sense of style reflects how brilliant they are as architects. Even though I disagree with such poor judgement, I believe it demonstrates how they would be as a client or employee. So, let me discuss the top six architectural types I’ve seen and what they tell about the person wearing them. These are the conclusions I’ve reached based on the tales I’ve heard during the previous 10 years.

Architects and Fashion: The Top 6 Styles

Adapting to an architect’s taste


The Clothing

I could imagine myself in this capacity as a first-year architecture student. The manner in which we carry out our duties in the corporate sector. To these architects, the whole business approach is everything. They may work for a large corporation and must follow guidelines, or they may be self-employed but want to look the part. I believe that wearing a suit every day gives you a sense of power. However, there is something quite “uniform” about it, in my view. It makes no noise and makes no attempt to attract attention.

It’s tough, reliable, and effective at what it does. These architects, from what I’ve seen, are more serious. They take themselves seriously, but it doesn’t preclude them from having fun once in a while. They live up to the expectations of the work they picked in every way. From the public’s perspective, this is most likely one of the most frequent ways for architects to wear. Most people imagine architects to look like this. This sort of bookshelf houses masterpieces of literature and architecture. They’ve read them all and may have highlighted particular sections. The library’s collection also includes some highly unusual specimens of each genre of book.

In terms of appearance, the Professor is an architect.


In his capacity as Professor, he

This is how an architect may look for a business meeting. They could dress in a sport coat, a button-down shirt, and khakis or trousers. They may also dress up a good shirt and pair it with jeans and shoes, or a nice top and a skirt. The style is comparable to but less formal than that of The Suit. In other words, they seem decent, but not in a professional manner. This group has a wide range of architects, but they all have one thing in common: they know how to dress. I mean that they generally have a distinct appearance. Even if they do not agree with what is trendy, they create their own style.

Or, some individuals have discovered a trend that works very well for them and have stuck with it. This group can deal with either the past or the present with ease. They have a wonderful sense of style and are content with themselves. People may not recognise this kind of architect at first, but after they learn what they do, everything makes sense. People often comment, “I see that” or “That makes sense.” Because this is one of the most prevalent varieties, determining who created it is difficult. They work a lot, but they also know how to unwind, as shown by the fact that they probably do something you secretly desire.

They have a large collection, but they may not have read every book in it. The majority of what they read is about architecture, but they also read about a variety of other topics related to their fascinating pastime. And, of course, cookbooks.

This is not a genuine career; it is only a style of dress. This is not only the opinion of scientists.


The Neighbor, Designed by an Architect

one beside it

This is what a “average” architect looks like. As a result, they dress rather casually and are unconcerned about fashion. Their garments are designed to be comfortable to wear. They don’t worry about their appearance, but they are at ease in their own skin and like to dress casually in jeans or khakis and a polo shirt. This might be an effort to seem warmer and more approachable, or it could be a method of getting to know clients better and building closer connections with them. Their actions and the way they make people feel may put anybody at rest. To put it simply, they want to be your best architectural buddy. You are welcome to some of their cookies. Their library includes a diverse collection of books. It will include architectural works as well as best-selling books, biographies, and other works.

It’s called The Design Builder, and architects wrote it.

A person who is capable of both constructing and designing. Whether they are playing the “Professor” or the “Neighbor,” they will always wear sturdy work boots or shoes. However, these shoes are often paired with work attire such as jeans or construction trousers and a sturdy work shirt that may become as filthy as the task. It might already be covered with wood sap, mud, or even field paint. He claims that his work boots have been well-worn and are “the best thing I’m wearing.” This architect enjoys the “process” of developing their own ideas and seeing them through to completion. They can’t see any other way to train.

They used to just do design, but they now prefer this. People like this often express their relief at not having to go to work. They are aware of the kind of screw and flashing material required. Some individuals want to do a little bit of everything, while others prefer to be in command of the whole process from beginning to end. This individual is ideal for having a drink with and discussing construction ideas. The majority of the books they offer are on architecture and construction. There will undoubtedly be books on gardening, woodworking, and wiring.

The Obsidian reflects the architect’s style.


How Dark Is Obsidian?

In the dead of night. Each and every time The designers who designed this school believe that black complements any colour scheme. And the total is zero. People may believe they are a true poet or creative genius. This type’s clothing is all various colours of black. This is what they have to say about it. It’s just not an option for them. It’s your only viable option. They might assume any of the aforementioned shapes, but the all-black one was always the most common. As a result, they must be classified differently.

If they’re feeling very daring, they may add one splash of colour, but that’s a huge if. The colour is intense. That is acceptable at times, but not all of the time. That does not improve people’s lives. They may wear anything they want from this thread as long as it’s predominantly black. Dark grey is acceptable for diversity, but nothing lighter than charcoal is permitted. Some of these architects’ designs are more about concepts than execution. They provide a large selection of philosophy, theory, nonfiction, and architecture works in addition to science fiction and fantasy. But I’m not going to read any well-known literature.

The Builder as a Painter


Someone who creates art

This is the variable that you cannot predict in advance. They are not required to adhere to any dress requirements. Okay, one rule: expect that magic will have a role in everything that occurs. People like this prefer to dress in daring and dangerous outfits. It is critical to employ vibrant colours and patterns. Exciting garments are made from unusual materials. They like marching to the beat of their own drummer. People with this style have bright personalities that complement their look.

Nobody would ever become an architect if they were not nice and extroverted. People sometimes claim that their work is art or fashion when they did not intend to do so. Even if they don’t keep up with the current trends, it doesn’t imply they aren’t aware of them. However, like other kinds, they may have discovered a subgenre that works best for them. This designer is not scared to be different, and he encourages others to do the same. To complete the style, you’ll usually need to alter your hair or wear a hat all the time. People that possess these characteristics are vibrant, honest, and certain of their beliefs. They don’t mean to cause problems, but sometimes what they do does. Simply expressed, they want to be accepted as they are.

Period. Again, there are some works in this category regarding architecture, but it is not their primary focus. There are volumes here regarding art, sculpture, fashion, 17th-century tapestries, and the American Revolution. Because enjoying life rather than reading about it is more essential to them, this group may have the fewest books.

I really hope that everyone understands that I’m only poking fun of outdated sayings that are widespread in our field. I agree that stereotypes are often beneficial, but I don’t believe the examples above should be taken seriously beyond their amusement value. When architects gather for conventions and other gatherings, I like watching this zoo. One of my favourite items is the dubious item. This year, I lost out on a couple chances to socialise because of the COVID situation. When all is all said and done, I want to see many of my colleagues again.

Most architects, in my opinion, may be classified as belonging to more than one style. I certainly alternate between a handful of them. Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way. But one thing I am certain of is that one of the finest aspects of our profession is the diversity of styles and ignorance. It demonstrates our independence and creativity. We utilise these abilities to do our tasks and make the world a better place for everyone.


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