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House is a place where you feel safe, a place where you spend half of your life. It’s a place where you dream, live, eat, sleep, play, grow, study and almost do everything without any hesitation or fear. A house is a very important part of our life, its design impacts the thought process of a person. A person’s character can be known by his house design, here are few examples nature loving person, will have more plants, trees, natural lights in his home. A Simple & open-minded person will prefer a clean & large interior design, white wall color, more natural lights, green space, open kitchen with dining in the garden.

Technology lovers will prefer more electrical points, smart equipment, and low maintenance areas. A fitness lover will prefer a fitness room, gym in his home. A person who likes water and its sound will have a water body, cascade, and aquarium in his home.

Only 50% of people in India have their own house, 30% lives in rental accommodation, 13 % live in parent/relative house and 7% are homeless. A major reason for the lack of housing is the financial issue of citizens. If you have a house or planning to construct one, you are among the lucky 50% of the population. So don’t just make a structure of bricks & RCC, make it your home, which defines your character.

A better home is unique for each person, so its design. RS Design and Construction helps in creating a unique space for you, which defines your character and fulfills your dream.

RS Design & Construction

Started in 2014, RS Design & Construction is active in many fields of architecture & construction in its various scales, working in national contexts. The office is located in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India & it’s one of the fastest-growing firms. Apart from local clients, this company serves pan-India clients through online mode. In these years the office has been designing & constructing public & private buildings.

We have a large portfolio in Residential designing such as home designsmall house designfloor plansmodern house designsimple house design, tiny house planbuilding elevationfarmhouse plans, etc.

The practice is based on an efficient organizational structure through the use of technical and operational excellence resources. It is divided into two main areas: Designing & Construction. Architect Rohit Singh is the company owner; he is fully responsible for Designing & Construction activities of the company.

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